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Model: 134446
Realizacja zamówienia: 24 godzin
Wysyłka od: 7.00 PLN
Producent: boss of toys
"This KIT belongs to the BESTSELLER Line created by Toyz4Lovers: the best products ever sold from MSX Distribution Srl.The box contains: Vibrating egg with 4-way adjustable speed control. Length: 10.5 cm. Diameter: 2.5 cm. Material: Plastic. Anal plug with suction cup. Length: 11 cm. Diameter: from 1.5 to 2.5 cm. Material: Rubber. Classic multi-speed vibrator. Length: 14.5 cm. Diameter: 1.3 - 2 cm. Material: Plastic. Wearable case to be used in combination with the classic vibrator. Length: 13 cm. Diameter: 2 cm. Material: Rubber. Anal balls graduated with ergonomic handle. Length: 18 cm. Diameter: from 1.5 to 2.5 cm. Material: Rubber.dukte von MSX Distribution Srl."